We have listed a few sample projects here. For more information, please contact us with contact form or free quote form.

Web design, development and maintenance

  1. ForteUSA.com
    Designed, developped, launched ForteUSA.com English and Chinese biligual website:www.forteusa.org


  1. Forteexchange.org
    Built, Launched, developed the Forte Excahnge no profit company Website and databases.

  1. Chinesemagic.com
    Built, launched, developed and maintained the Asian art and art supply online storehttp://Chinesemagic.com

  1. API Sensor
    Built, launched, developed API company website:


  1. Chesapeake Bay Candle
    Built, launched, developed the Chesapeake Bay candle company website



  1. MRS
    Built, launched, developed and maintained MRS company website

  1. Arfsys.com
    Maintained and update annually of the area resource File systems(ARF)

  1. Quick Health Data Online
    Maintained and updated annually of Office on Women’s Health (OWH) to assess the health status of women and minority in US Update Online System – Prepare data for inclusion in the online NWHID; maintain and update web pages; Development of web-based applications to support client requirements to monitor and assess health status of disparate populations;

  1. ZZaga.com
    Built, launched, developed and maintained ZZaga.com website:

  1. Qitang Bath & bed incorporation
    Built, launched, developed and maintained the China bath, bed and window treatment supply online store

  1. Netbig.com
    Built, launched, developed and maintained a leading Chinese education web portal http://www.netbig.com



  1. Wedengta.com
    Developed a leading Chinese stock informationweb portal http://www.wedengta.com

Data, Database and Research 
1. Analyze large, national data sources (e.g., Natality Files, BRFSS, Mortality) to generate county, state and national-level data to be included on NWHID; generate crude and age-adjusted values for key variables; assess comparability of data over time; Work with state public health departments to collect county health status indicators pertaining to infectious and chronic disease and reproductive health in all 50 states as well as US territories and possessions; correspond with local public health officials to convey data needs and requirements.

  1. Involve in expanding the Area Resource File System (ARF) for Bureau of Health Professions that integrated health and demographic data available at the county and lower geographic levels. Major databases used are AHA, AMA, CMS, Bureau of Primary Health Care shortage area files, National Center for Health Statistics detailed death and birth data files, Bureau of Labor Statistics employment statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis income and poverty data.3. Analyzed policy in family medicine and Primary care through data collection, aggregation, large-scale dataset manipulation, and statistical analysis; Analyzed if Medicare clients are more difficult to access to providers than before. Major database used are Medicare claim data, AMA, CMS, GIS4. Developed the Chinese college ranking model, launched the most influential Chinese university ranking system – Netbig Chinese University Ranking annually from 1996 to 2007
  2. Pricing strategy for Easton Realty at Dallas-Fort worth metro market: a multiple regression analysis
  3. Correlation analysis between yields of 90-day risk-free treasury bill and other relevant macroeconomic variables
  4. Design training and other surveys through survey monkey, collect data needed for the projects

Web Analysis and Web marketing

  1. Chinesemagic.com

Analyze Chinesemagic.com visitors’ behavior, conversion funnels and key metrics;
Manage the chinesemagic.com online store’s PPC (pay-per-click) web marketing campaign, SEM, and SEO.

  1. Revolutionhealth.com

Identified KPI of Revolutionhealth.com; analyzed the web visitors’ behavior and campaigns’ effectiveness; Optimized paid search campaigns (SEM) and organic search engine results (SEO); designed web analysis reports to meet the requirements of the content centers and campaigns; provided solutions to improve the web performance

  1. Netbig.com (used to be No.1 Education web portal in China  Source: CNNIC Internet survey 2000)

Analyzed the whole Netbig.com website’s key metrics, set up the ad-hoc and weekly reports for the executive board and management team; maintained netbig.com PPS campaigns.

  1. QHDO (healthstatus2010.com/owh) and ARF(Arfsys.com)

Analyze whole websites traffic and web visitors’ behavior, especially the traffic resource