1. How can we contact you to have a quotation?

You can use our quotation form to ask for the price and service. We will reply you in a 24 hour limit.

  1. If we have special requirement, can you design for it?

Yes, we can design the solution for your special requirement.

  1. what is your strategy for the web development?

We combine design, marketing and technology these 3 critical elements to develop  an intelligent website. Each website is unique and built from its true needs, but at the same time, is cost effectiveness in marketing and maintenance. Plus, it reduces customer service cost, bringing to them the valuable traffic and web visitors.

  1. How do you accept payment?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Check in USA. For international order, we accept Paypal. If you prefer to use other payment, you can place your international order.

  1. If we want to revise or change the website design or content, how can we do?

In a half year, you can ask us to revise or change your website design or content for free.

  1. Can you do Chinese version website design, development and maintanence?

Yes, we are excellent in Chinese version web design, development and maintanence. We’ve done severial large-scale Chinese websites.